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Holiday Safety Tips

Decorating for the holiday season is a tradition in many households. But did you know that some decorations and their placements can lead to house fires? Here are four tips on how to decorate safely for the upcoming holidays.

1. Don’t use frayed or broken cords.

Check to make sure all your electrical cords are in good shape and not broken. Frayed or broken cords can lead to fires. Also, do not plug more than three light strands into the same extension cord.

2. Keep your Christmas tree in good shape. 

If you are buying a live tree, ensure it is fresh and keep it watered at all times. A dry tree can lead to fires if the lights overheat. If you have a fake tree, check the label to ensure it is fire resistant. Keep it away from all sources of heat.

3. Turn off decorations when you’re asleep or out of the house. 

Only keep your decorations on when someone is watching them at all times. An electrical fire can happen at any time, so turn them off when no one is around.

4. Don’t use indoor-use only decorations outside. 

Check that all your outside decorations are meant to be used outdoors. Outdoor decorations should be water resistant and able to withstand different types of weather.

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